Three Challenges You Face As A New Blogger

Three challenges you face as a new blogger.




I’ve just started blogging and boy can I say it’s been a challenge. Trying to come up with content every day has been challenging. Trying to find the right time to blog with three kids and one on the way. It’s pretty challenging when I’m trying to take care of three toddlers and a baby. So here are three challenges I face as a blogger.


1. Time

I have a big problem with the time it seems as if time doesn’t exist. From the time I wake to the time I go to sleep, I’m taking care of my three little ones. I know it’s going to be even harder once the fourth arrives. I’m trying to manage my time better by getting up earlier which seems to never work because I will still be tired. So on managing my time, I plan on getting a blog planner. Also, I’m going to try and make more time for my blog.


2. Coming Up With Content

It is really hard coming up with content to post mostly because I’m new at blogging and not sure what people would like to see from me. Starting as a new blogger it can be really challenging to come up with good content. Yes, you can just put out any old content and hope for the best. But for me, I want to put out good quality content I want to take my time and perfect my craft. I want to write something that can help people but they also enjoy what I’m putting my hard work into.


3. Getting Traffic Isn’t Going To Be Easy

In the beginning, it is really hard to get traffic I’ve been sharing and reposting but still no traffic. I know and understand that I’m a new blogger and shouldn’t expect a lot of traffic but I still want traffic. Sometimes I feel like my content isn’t good enough and no one cares but I know I’m not going to get traffic overnight. But boy I wish I was getting traffic like that. So I’m going to try some strategies I have seen online and on Pinterest. I will let you guys know how it goes on another post.


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