4 Must Haves Every Mom Should Have In Her Purse

This is a list of 4 must haves every mom purse should have. If you have kids I’m pretty sure you might know what this list consist of. As a mom I went from the big bulky diaper bag to just carrying a backpack purse know.

1. Cash

Cash is very important to have as a backup. It’s always safe to have a backup you don’t want to be somewhere and you don’t have cash. Just in case you lose or something happens to it. Cash is always good to have just in case of an emergency.

2. First Aid Kit

Kids love to play and sometimes kids tend to play a little too hard and might end up hurting themselves. So most importantly its always good to have a first aid kit in your purse. Its always good to keep one with band aids, alcohol wipes, pain reliever and antibiotic cream.

3. Snacks

It’s always a smart idea to have snacks in your purse for your little ones. Just in case your kids get hungry and you don’t want to be the parent who didn’t pack any snacks for the kids. You don’t want to have a cranky hungry kid on your hands. So don’t forget the snacks.

4. Hand Sanitizer and Wet Wipes

As a parent we all know our kids love touching everything and getting dirty so it’s always best to have hand sanitizer and wet wipes. Kids love touching everything which means their going to pick up germs and also get dirty.




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